Month: June 2015

Hold Us Together

This began as a prayer, a desperate cry for God to help me keep it all together on a night that I needed it.  Gradually, as my prayer was answered, the song began to rewrite itself into a corporate prayer and proclamation of God’s acceptance and His abiding presence with us. At the end the… Read more »


The other night I sang Twila Paris’ “The Joy Of The Lord” as a lullaby to my youngest son.  Then I laid down with my oldest son as he fell asleep.  Well I went to sleep too, and a few minutes later was awakened with news that I was needed to help a family member… Read more »

Simple Grace

A Gideon speaker was at church on Sunday. I am always impressed with the simplicity and focus of their mission.  They produce and distribute Bibles through a global network of volunteers.  That’s it. Our church prayer focus this week has been our worship life both as individuals and as a church body.  Life, at church… Read more »